Dear Customers,

As most children are on half term holiday this coming week, I am going to extend the 10% DISCOUNT on all orders, regardless of value, until the end of October.

10% discount continues on all orders until 31st October

There are some really good offers to be had, particularly on the Gifts & Offers page, where the pies are already discounted in addition to the 10%.  The Pie Manias and the Optimistic Box are particularly good value. 

A week ago, I went up to London for the day.  I had been excited about it for weeks – I don’t get out much – but on this occasion, the excitement was justified.  My elder daughter, Lucy, is a doctor and I was invited to join her husband, Chris, to see her become an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Lucy in her finery!

The ceremony was lovely, warm, friendly and very moving. (I managed not to cry, before you ask). Much was made of recognising that birth is so special and such a major event in parents’ lives and how it must never be thought of or treated as routine.  Although the gathering was very smart, with plenty of gowns and suits, there were children running about and babies have picnics on the floor.  As Lucy said, that was something one would not see at any other Royal College gathering!

NHS staff are having such a rough time and they are under so much pressure and stress. I always remember Deets saying to me some years ago that she could never do Lucy’s job.  “If I make a mistake,” she said,” I mess up a batch of chocolate and you will be very cross about the waste”.  (She never does, by the way, just to reassure you!).  “But,” Deets continued, “if Lucy made a mistake, someone could die.”  I don’t know how they cope with the pressure either, but just for that one day, we celebrated Lucy’s achievements and she had a day off!

A free Wonky Pie continues with every order.

Best wishes,