Dear Customers,

With two weeks of half term ahead of us, I thought it might be a nice idea to introduce a 10% discount on all orders.  I am hoping this might recruit some new young customers. 

Particular favourites among children are the Naked and Nut pies, both Combos, Peanut Fudge and Very Berry and Madly Mandarin Pocket Pies. However, most popular of all among children are our Raw Hot Chocolate Bombs for making a hot chocolate drink – see Gifts & Offers, just £1.95 for 2 Bombs.

Bertie dunking his Bomb!

Here is Bertie – we are related in as much that one of his aunts is married to one of my sons, which I think makes me a great aunt-in-law! Bertie is our star model.  Three years ago, when he was very little, we did a photoshoot for an O2 Easter promotion.  As a location, we chose the sand dunes above Porth Kidney Beach. It was cold, windy and spitting with rain, but we had a deadline as photographs were required the following day.  Bertie was brilliant. He pretended to do an Easter egg hunt and smiled and smiled for the camera, although he was freezing – a real trooper! Incidentally, the Bombs are also available in St Ives at the St Ives Co. shop (62, Fore Street) which is owned by Bertie’s Mum and her two sisters and where, of course, they are named Bertie’s Bombs!

Our prize winners from last week’s prize draw have received their prizes but we will continue including one free Wonky Pie with every order for a little while longer.

Best wishes,