Dear Customers,

I am extending the FREE FESTIVE PIE with every order for one more week to encourage thoughts of Christmas - also because it is my very favourite and particularly morish.  When you have been making chocolate for as long as I have, it tends to be something you eat less and less because you are working with it all day but I can always be tempted by a Festive Pie and not just at Christmas!

Festive pies ready to come out you

Deets and I are putting together the Christmas page at the moment and we are keeping it simple and not too expensive this year.  This seems sensible with only two of us working now and with the price of everything rising at an alarming rate, we are aiming to provide really good value.  Everything on our website now has a sell by date of April, at the earliest, so buying for Christmas is fine from now on. The Pocket Pie range and the Raw Hot Choc Bombs do not need to be refrigerated.  So far as Raw Chocolate Pie and Raw Fudge are concerned, at this time of year, you can store them in a garage or outhouse without the need for refrigeration, if you want to keep them off the radar of someone in your home!
I lit the first log fire of the season this week but as you can see, pride of place was taken up by someone other than me!

Lupin making herself comfortable

I am sorry about all the dog pictures.  The other day, I was walking Deets’s dog, Zac, and a cocker spaniel belonging to a friend, as well as my two and was spied by my neighbour who described me as “the mad dog woman of Trencrom”.  Could be true.

Best wishes,