Dear Customers,

I am a frantic, last minute Christmas Eve shopper so, my nature dictates that I am a little reluctant to start bombarding you with Christmas offers too soon.  Deets and I have plenty of Christmas ideas coming up in the next couple of weeks but as a taster, this week I will be including A FREE FESTIVE PIE with every order, regardless of value.  Our Festive Pie is a real Christmas favourite and so popular that we sell a great deal of it all year round.  It is full of the taste of Christmas – cranberries, nutmeg, cinnamon and a nip of brandy! It is actually my favourite pie.

Festive pies ready to come out you

I was going through my photographs the other day, trying to prune them, when I came across the one below, which made me feel very nostalgic.  I took this photo in St Ives on the day we moved The Raw Chocolate Pie Company from our shop at Pier House back to the old Halzephron shop in Fore Street.  Having traded there for nearly 20 years, I finally closed the shop on New Year’s Eve 2019, little knowing what was to come.  I took the decision purely because the costs of running the shop had just become too high.

Raw Chocolate Pie staff as they were – from the left Sally, Val, Lynne, Donna, Sophie, Deets, Hannah, Janine and Di.

So now, thanks to Covid, there are just the two of us, running a very tight ship and staying afloat but both Deets and I miss the rest of the gang.  It is some comfort that everyone in that photograph, who wanted to continue working, has found another job but there are some long associations – Sally, Val, Donna and I must have worked together for a quarter of a century – blimey! Sophie started labelling here in Trencrom when she was eleven years old…and so it goes on.  Still, nothing stays the same, change is always round the corner, the trick is, I think, to be able to adjust to it.

Have a good week,