Dear Customers,

This week, I am offering you TWO free Wonky Pies with every order, up to and including next Sunday, 26th.  Our wrapping machine, Pearl, as you know, churns out some bars at the beginning of each run which are not entirely perfect but the bars, inside the wrapping, are.

2 free Wonky Pies with every order this week

This time, the glut of Wonky Pies is not entirely Pearl’s fault.  Normally, pre Covid, all our Wonky Pies were chopped up and given to our wholesale customers who could then offer them to their customers in their shops.  However, understandably, offering any food samples in a retail setting is still frowned on.   So….all the more for you!

When placing your order, do use the section of “general instructions” on the order form to state your likes and dislikes so I can hopefully send you the Wonky Pies you would like best.  I normally try to send you pies you haven’t tried but if you let me know what you would especially like, I will try to send them, stocks willing.

Those of you who read last week’s email will know that me and my dogs had a brief couple of days in Wales last weekend. The walks were wonderful and the dogs soon forgot their anxious fears at seeing me pack my bag to go away.

Blorenge Mountain, near Abergavenny

I have been going to Abergavenny for years to sell Raw Chocolate Pie at their wonderful Food Festival. This year, sadly, as just Deets and I are running the business at the moment, I cannot take the time off to attend the Festival, which is next weekend.  The only advantage is that on all the occasions I have visited Abergavenny, I have never before had time to see anything of the surrounding countryside. It is spectacularly beautiful and next time I go, I am going to climb The Blorenge (rhymes with orange) Mountain, and the time after that The Sugar Loaf.  I had better get into training on Trencrom Hill!

Best wishes,