Dear Customers,

This will be our final week of free WONKY PIES with every order and to celebrate catching up on our stock of Wonkies, we are going to run a prize draw.  As usual, Deets will be in charge.  She will draw out of the hat, the names of 10 customers who order during the coming week and in addition to the 2 free Wonky pies, they will receive a further 10.

2 free Wonky Pies with every order plus 100 more to give away

For those of you who might not have followed us in the last few weeks, Wonky Pies are those bars which are absolutely perfect in themselves but our wrapping machine PEARL has been a little careless in the wrapping.

Two weeks ago, Deets managed to buy her own house and moved out of the shed (comfortable, but still a shed!) at the bottom of our garden, where she has lived for some years in order to save up the deposit. She has done so well but I must admit I do miss her very much even though I see her every day at work.  My dogs also miss Deets’s dog, Zac and her cat, Princess - Zac because he is their chum and Princess because they have spent many happy hours fantasising about eating her.

Spud looking forlornly for Princess as if butter wouldn’t melt!

Sorry, I know I talk about my dogs too much but they are such wonderful companions.

Best wishes,