Dear Customers,

Another week of FREE Veganuary offers.  This week we are offering our Raw Chocolate Festive Pie and a Very Berry Pocket Pie with every order.  Two very different pies but both containing tasty fruit.

Festive and Very Berry Pie, free with every order for just one week, starting NOW

Festive Pie began life as our Christmas pie but now customers buy it all year round, the berries are cranberry, dried in apple juice with no extra sugar, and it is one of my very favourite pies.  The Very Berry Pocket Pie is relatively new to the range and contains freeze dried strawberries and raspberries, again with no added sugar.  The Pocket range does not need to be kept in the fridge and contains no nuts.  However, although completely different utensils are used in the making of Pocket Pies, they are made in the same building as our traditional pies so there could be a trace of nuts.

When the pandemic first hit, after the initial shock, any number of wonderful little enterprises set up all over the country.  People were so inventive, changing the way they traded so they could keep going, small businesses rising to the challenge of staying afloat.  A tiny farm shop down the road, which formerly just sold their asparagus in season has now expanded and sells a wide range of local produce, restaurants have metamorphosised into a brilliant take-aways, our local wine merchant now delivers and I could go on…..but what worries us all is will they keep their trade now?

I saw this little message on social media and it is so true.  Small businesses really care about their customers but with the cost of living rising, can they survive? Covid restrictions are easing which means less people will be working from home, less time, more stress. How much quicker and easier it is to just pop into a supermarket and get everything you need in one place.

So, my plea is, let’s all try and keep small businesses alive.

Sorry for the rant!

PS Mercifully, no videos of me dancing are available!