Dear Customers,

Deets and I have decided it is time to stop selling sprouting seeds and beans. I am sorry but with just the two of us running the business currently, we do not have the time and Raw Chocolate and Fudge is what this company is all about.

The good news is that in selling off the stock, there are some serious bargains to be had.

Sale of sprouting seeds & beans

Full details are on the website but for ease of reference, here they are :
ALFALFA £2.00 per 200g – a saving of £3.90
MUNG BEANS £1.00 per 350g – a saving of £2.19
ADUKI BEANS £1.00 per 350g – a saving of £2.89
THE SPROUTING BOOK - £2.50 – a saving of £2.49

If you just buy the seeds/beans, but not the book, a full set of instructions for sprouting will come with your order and you don’t need any special equipment for sprouting.
I am an obsessive fan of Sprouting.  It is such a quick and easy way to grow fresh and nutritious food all year round. My son, Charlie chose the moment when he was going to Bath Spa University to read music, to become a vegetarian.  While I applauded the decision, catering for himself for the first time with a new diet was a bit of a challenge.  He is not a dairy enthusiast either, so he was virtually vegan and consuming very little protein.

Charlie doing his thing

He got paler and thinner and so I took him up some aduki beans and we had a serious raid on Sainsbury’s!  Sprouted aduki beans have more protein, pound for pound, than a filet steak, Charlie has sprouted them ever since and he has never again had a problem with lack of protein.

Obviously, as this is a clearance, there are limited stocks.  Everything is available now but as the week progresses, we will remove items as they run out.

Entry into the prize draw for 10 customers to win 10 free Wonky pies applies to all orders received by midnight tonight.