Dear Customers,
Well, here I am again, like a bad penny and the first thing to say is Happy New Year to you all.

January, known to all vegans as Veganuary, is something to be celebrated so on the four remaining Sundays in January, I will be offering you a free gift with every order.  This first week, I am offering two free pies especially for salt fiends – PINK HIMALAYAN SALT RAW CHOCOLATE PIE AND SALTED CARAMEL FUDGE.

Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate Pie and Salted Caramel Fudge, free with every order

Pink Himalayan Salt is our top selling Raw Chocolate Pie flavour and Salted Caramel is our top selling Fudge, so I thought it would be a good place to start with your favourites. The offer runs from today up until next Sunday, 16th, when there will be another offer which will also run for a week.

I am a complete baby about Christmas, I just love it.  Therefore, I am always very sad when it comes to taking down the Christmas decorations.  It makes me ponder on the year ahead in a way that New Year’s Eve never does and somehow the house suddenly looks so bare.

The shelf where the nativity set always sits

This year, though, I saw things in a different way.  Returning all the bits and pieces to where the nativity had been, I was suddenly struck by how much they meant to me. A picture of my Granny Lou with her dog, little photos of the children, my father’s Christening mug (badly chipped), my mother’s collection of china birds and a little choir girl statue given to me by my Godfather, all backed by some favourite books.  Nothing there is of any material value but of immense value to me.  It was a very cosy feeling to put them back where they belong.

Here’s hoping 2022 will be a better year.

Best wishes,