Dear Customers,

I am going to continue the TWO FREE WONKY PIES for another week, until Sunday, 3rd October.  These free pies will come out to you with every order, regardless of value and therefore do offer a minimum of £5.00 free pie.  The pies are perfect, it is just the wrapping which is Wonky.

Wonky Pies ready to come out to you.

Deets and I wrap most flavours every week, so if you do have a preference as to what flavour Wonky pies you would like, we will try to send them to you, stocks willing. Just add a note to your order form.1

I love Autumn.  The dogs and I have had some marvellous early morning walks up Trencrom Hill this week.  From the top of the Hill, you can see St Michael’s Mount back lit by the rising sun, mist in the valleys and a harvest moon still riding high in the sky. It is totally magic.  

Sunset seen from Chycoggan balcony

The sunsets have been spectacular too, haven’t they? I took this photo two evenings ago from the balcony above the room where Pearl, our wrapping machine, is housed. Not a bad place to work!

I freely admit to being a hopeless anglophile but when this funny little island of ours pulls out all the stops, for me, there is nowhere better.
Take care,