Dear Customers,

“Pearl”, our wrapping machine, has built up a nice little stock of Wonky Pies since Christmas.  For those of you who are not familiar with Wonky Pies, these are bars of chocolate and fudge, which are perfect in themselves but our wrapping machine has made a nonsense of the wrapping.

A FREE Wonky Pie with EVERY order, regardless of value

Normally, when I send out orders, I try of choose a Wonky Pie in a flavour which has not been ordered so that you have a new flavour to try. However, a customer emailed a few weeks ago to say that he thought it would be better to receive a Wonky Pie which is the same as one of those already ordered.  I get his point, at least I would be sending you a pie which I would know you liked. What do you think?  In any event, do put a note on your order form to say which flavour you would prefer and I will try and send it to you.

There have been a lot of wet and windy walks on the beach for me and the dogs in the last few weeks.  This photograph was taken last Sunday.

Gulls going fishing

I love this photo because of the colours of a Winter sea but also it is so good to see gulls doing what they should be doing – obviously they have spotted a shoal of fish.  Just a mile or so along the coast is St Ives where the gulls live on a diet of battered fish and chips, pasties and ice cream.  Meanwhile in the harbour, fresh dead fish from the boats lie unattended – presumably because they are not adorned with salt and vinegar!  It is sad on many levels – the poor diet is affecting the health of the gulls and people are understandably frightened to have their food snatched from them – gulls are big birds. When I had a shop in St Ives, we were always patching up small children whose ice creams had been snatched and had ended up with a nasty scratch from a beak or claw. The answer, of course, is not to feed the gulls but people seem to find it irresistible.

I hope you have a good week.