Raw Chocolate Pie

Cacao Pod & Beans

Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free and DELICIOUS!

Raw Chocolate cacao beans are known as 'the food of the Gods'. They are a true superfood with amazing properties and were much prized by the Aztecs. Associated with happiness, raw chocolate's unique combination of natural chemicals helps alleviate depression and promotes a sense of well being. It is known as nature's prozac for its anti-depressant properties. OUR RAW CHOCOLATE PIE HAS A 6 MONTH SHELF LIFE IF KEPT IN THE REFRIGERATOR.

Raw chocolate contains anti-oxidants and research shows that they are highly stable and easily available to the human metabolism. Raw chocolate also contains a high level of magnesium which supports the heart, brain and the building of strong bones. It is also an energy boost.

Our Amazing Raw Chocolate Pie

Raw Chocolate Pie Cross Section

Our raw chocolate pie is just that RAW, uncooked and therefore retaining all the nutrients traditionally associated with cacao.

Our pie is dairy free, gluten free, sugar free and therefore guilt free! It is also delicious and suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics and anyone with a wheat or dairy intolerance.

Our pie does not have to be kept continuously refrigerated but it is tastier served from the fridge. On receipt of your pie by post, it is best to put it straight in the fridge, or if you are in a hurry to eat it, just a few minutes in the freezer will do the trick!

We take great care over the sourcing of ingredients for our pie.  Although being a small business we are not registered, all our ingredients are organic and fair trade.  We use a very reputable importer, a family business whose values mirror our own. We feel very strongly about offering a product of integrity. Chocolate is good for you and in many civilisations is considered an important medicine. 

What gives it such a dubious reputation here in the West, is the rubbish we so often put with it fat, sugar and all manner of additives.

Our chocolate pie is also available via many stockists throughout the country, if you wish to see a list of stockists please click here.

Our raw chocolate is a pure product - AND IT TASTES DELICIOUS


For sometime now, customers have asked us to provide a raw chocolate pie which is sweetened with Xylitol rather than agave nectar.

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Our new popcorn pies are a real treat and just that bit different, A health bar, crunchy, delicious and a subtle combination of raw cacao and popcorn.

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