Raw Chocolate Pie

Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free and DELICIOUS!

Our Raw Chocolate Pie is just that...RAW - it is uncooked and therefore retains all the nutrients traditionally associated with cacao. It is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, coeliacs and anyone with a wheat or dairy intolerance.. but most people buy it because they like it. It has a 5 month shelf life and needs to be kept in the refrigerator.

Our Raw Chocolate pie is high in anti-oxidants, it is an energy boost and comes in a wide range of mouth-watering flavours.

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For sometime now, customers have asked us to provide a raw chocolate pie which is sweetened with Xylitol rather than agave nectar.

Popcorn Pies

Our new popcorn pies are a real treat and just that bit different, A health bar, crunchy, delicious and a subtle combination of raw cacao and popcorn.

Raw Combo Pies

Our Raw Combo Pies are half raw chocolate pie and half raw fudge - the best of both!

Raw Chocolate Slices

Customers keep asking for a bar which they can eat all in one go - as a snack - so here it is. The Slice is half a pie, cut horizontally and can be eaten in 3 bites! We are offering it initially in 4 flavours - Naked, Pink Himalayan Salt, Ginger and Festive. Great for lunch boxes.