The Triplets

The Triplets

Price: £11.50 per pack

The Triplets are our healthy answer to the cream egg. The shell is made of smooth raw chocolate ( Naked Pie recipe ) and the filling is vanilla fudge.  Children love them and there is no added sugar, of course!  The diameter of each egg is 14 cm and the height is 6 cm. Our pack of 3, "The Triplets", makes a delightful present. All our Easter Eggs have a 6 month shelf life.

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Naked Pie shell: Raw coconut oil, Raw agave nectar, Raw cacao nibs (18%), Carob flour, Ground almonds, Lucuma powder.

Vanilla Fudge filling: Raw coconut oil, Lucuma powder, Ground almonds, Raw agave nectar, Vanilla essence(15%).