Pie Mania - Pack of 20 Pies

Pie Mania - Pack of 20 Pies

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With an increasing number of stockists across the country, we are experiencing something approaching pie mania – it is very exciting! Why not join in and buy bulk packs of pie to give to your friends and family (or ssshhh, to eat yourself!). Provided the pie is kept in the fridge, it has a 6 month shelf life – though from experience, it will be eaten long before the 6 months are up!

Each selection box below represents 2 pies, to save clicking and page space. If you would like to specify your selection singly, make an initial selection on this page and let us know the full list in the instructions box during checkout.

We also have a smaller, 10 pack available here.

Our RefCP16

20 raw chocolate pies of your choosing. No extra packaging just great value.