The Full House - 12 Pie Gift Pack

The Full House - 12 Pie Gift Pack

Price: £27.00£24.30

This should really be called the “Cheer Up Box” to cautiously celebrate life getting a little easier in some respects. This is our normal Black Friday offer, brought forward because my daughter, Deets, and I want to say a big thank you to you all for helping us through the last few months. It seems a good way to do it.

So, in the Full House Gift Box, there are 12 pies as follows:

Goji & Pumpkin Seed Pie
Nut Pie
Naked Pie
Chilli Pie
Ginger Pie
Peppermint Pie
Cardamom Pie
Pink Himalayan Salt Pie
Date & Walnut Pie
Coffee Smoothie Pie
Raw Naked Combo Pie (Vanilla Fudge and Naked Pie)
Raw Peanut Combo Pie (Peanut Butter Fudge and Himalayan Pink Salt)

Our RefCP12

1 x 60g Goji & Pumpkin Seed Pie
1 x 60g Nut Pie
1 x 60g Naked Pie
1 x 60g Chilli Pie
1 x 60g Ginger Pie
1 x 60g Peppermint Pie
1 x 60g Cardamom Pie
1 x 60g Pink Himalayan Salt Pie
1 x 60g Date & Walnut Pie
1 x 60g Coffee Smoothie Pie
1 x 60g Raw Naked Combo Pie
1 x 60g Raw Peanut Combo Pie