The Christmas Slice Box

The Christmas Slice Box

Price: £20.00 per box of 16

Choose 16 slices from a variety of 10 to make up a Christmas Box – a perfect and original gift.

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16 x Raw Chocolate Slices of your choosing


Nutritional Information

SliceEnergy ( KJ )Energy ( Kcal )Fatof which saturatesCarbohydratesof which sugarsProteinSalt
Salt 697 166.5 13.75g 10.5g 12.6g 3.25g 1.15g 0.35g
Naked 709 169.5 14g 10.5g 12.75g 3.3g 1.25g 0.02g
Festive 623.5 149 12.5g 9.35g 11.5g 3.0g 0.9g 0.02g
Ginger 633.2 151 12.1g 9.05g 12.4g 2.9g 0.85g 0.02g
Booster 678 162 12.8g 9.9g 13.4g 3.5g 0.9g 0.01g
Peppermint 686 164 13.2g 10.1g 13.2g 3.2g 1.1g 0.01g
Vanilla Fudge 717 171 13.2g 8.9g 12.5g 1.8g 1.4g 0.01g
Peanut Fudge 731 168 13.8g 9.6g 11.9g 3g 1.6g 0.02g
Coffee 626 149 12.5g 10.1g 13.5g 3.6g 1.4g 0.01g
Nut 731 168 13.8g 9.6g 11.9g 3g 1.6g 0.02g