Raw Chocolate Rice Cakes

These are new products for us and we are very excited. The rice cake is wholegrain and, of course, gluten free. We have covered the rice cakes with our smooth raw chocolate pie mix. They are absolutely delicious and when we trialled them in our St Ives shop, we sold out in a day! These are our first two flavours – we are confident that we will be expanding the range.

Raw Chocolate Relishes

Delicious raw chocolate relish to put on croissants, ice cream, pancakes, toast...it is difficult to avoid just eating it out of the jar! A delicious additive to almost anything!

Salad Dressings

When the lease came to an end in our old St Ives shop, we stopped making and selling our Hemp Dressings - we had a lot of cross customers! So now we have a new shop premises, we will be making our sprout salads again so the dressings are back. With a base of Hemp Oil, these dressings are not only delicious but also good for you - Hemp being loaded with essential fatty acids which make both brain and body functions tick. Hemp is an anti-inflammatory and packed full of zinc, calcium & magnesium.

Other Deli Items


We have been selling dukkah made by The Dukkah Company of Cornwall in our shop in St Ives for some time. It is so appreciated by visitors to the shop, we felt we should offer in to online customers as well.

DUKKAH is a traditional North African dip packed full of seeds, nuts and spices. Highly nutritious, using top quality ingredients, this is another handmade quality product from West Cornwall…and it is absolutely delicious.

All you need to enjoy DUKKAH is bread and oil. Just dunk pieces of bread in the oil, then into a dish of DUKKAH and munch away. Serve as a healthy nibble with drinks, as a starter or a nutritious snack. Suitable for vegans.

We are offering 4 to choose from.


Kombucha is a fermented tea which originated in China over 2,000 years ago. The taste is that of a grownup fizzy drink which smells a little like beer and the taste is reminiscent of cider. It is non alcoholic.

The attributed health effects of Kombucha are the lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthening of the immune system and also improves digestion and liver function. Kombucha is cleansing, energizing and acts as a gentle detox.

Our Kombucha is certified organic and comes in two flavours – Ginger and Wild Berry. To make up your packs of 4 or 12 bottles, you can mix the flavours