Top Superfoods

We have changed the packaging of our superfoods to make them more user friendly, and at the same time, now we are buying in larger quantities, we have been able to reduce the price of many of the products. These are the superfoods we use as ingredients in our RAW CHOCOLATE PIE to enhance their nutritional value and provide an extra energy boost.

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Due to popular demand, we are bringing back a very limited range of sprouting seeds - the ones which you used to buy the most. This small selection also gives a very good nutritional balance.

Protein Supplements

Protein powders are a wonderful way to increase the protein in your diet. They are raw, gluten, sugar and dairy free. They contain no soya, are rich in amino acids and are ideal for vegetarians and vegans. They are also organic. Just add to juices, smoothies, soups, cereal - you can basically sprinkle them on anything...and they taste good. *For sports enthusiasts they increase the muscle mass *For slimmers, protein makes you feel fuller longer and the hemp, in particular, is a great detox.