Thank you Debbie for my order. It arrived so quickly and the bars look as beautifully coloured and wrapped as ever. Your chocolate is so delicious and like no other that l have tried and l find myself wanting to keep it all for myself rather than sharing!
I do hope your business is going as well as possible in these grim times. Thank you again and best wishes for the future.
Marcia (Harrison)

I just wanted to let you know that I tried your Raw Vanilla Fudge Pie bar for the first time yesterday and it was amazing! (Bought at Infinity Foods in Brighton).
I have had to overhaul my diet due to health issues, but still have a sweet craving now and again, and this product definitely hits the spot, whilst being free of everything I need to avoid.
A great product! And even nicer to find out it’s made not far from where I used to live in Falmouth!
Best wishes - Sarah

Guys I just love this product the kick of the ginger wipes the spots off any other chocolate! The only problem I cannot stop eating it!!!!! Well Done!
Steve in Shepherds Bush

WELL WELL WELL. I have just tried your Raw Chocolate Naked Pie for the first time and my life has re-started! It was AMAZING and I can't wait to try the rest of your products! Thanks so much for creating amazing vegan food!
Lots of love from Kate in Petersfield, Hampshire xxxx

I just wanted to send you guys an email saying you are mindboggingly, fantastically, deliciously wonderful!

I first discovered your raw chocolate pies many years ago, in a tiny local health food store. I became completely obsessed and have really enjoyed watching your business grow.

I always share my love of your products with my friends, family and my partner (who is usually sceptical of such things) but decided that your pink Himalayan salt pie is the best chocolate he's ever had. I thoroughly enjoyed my easter egg this year and to make 2017 filled with even more chocolatey goodness - I can't actually believe my taste buds with your two latest flavours! Unbelievably delicious - well bloody done!!

I just wanted to say - keep doing what you're doing! It's been truly wonderful to grow with you, from an after school snack at my local food store to seeing you stocked up in Infinity Foods, Brighton - where all these years later I've chosen to flee the nest. It's nice to know I didn't have to leave you guys behind!

All the best!


Just a note to say the order arrived last week, superbly packed and still cold! I took it to my daughter for Easter and it went down a storm. She has a number of food intolerances and was bowled over by the differing flavours and textures. We will certainly be a returning customer. Please pass thanks on to all concerned. Regards
Nic Roberts

Thank you sending the egg so promptly. It got the thumbs up from my son's celiac girlfriend who said it tasted more fruity than chocolaty. Many thanks.

I just want to say that I acquired some of your products by a rather circuitous route and I must say they are amazing. I simply cannot believe the quality, taste and inventiveness behind your stuff. Also the variety of tastes is really fantastic. I do hope you set up a shop in Ireland soooooooon. Continued success with your endeavours from a very satisfied customer. Thank You
Marian Roberts

I would like to thank you for processing my small chocolate order so efficiently, particularly in the run up to Easter.

I first came into contact with your products at a chocolate shop in Hartington, Derbyshire. They are perfect for me as I am classed as being diabetic. However, as I only visit Hartington when hiking in that area, I often run out. What really impressed me about my online order was the fact that my chocolate was still cold when delivered. Well packed! Many thanks
Margaret Bullock

Just a quick note to say your chocolate bars are fab! And when I say fab, I mean ffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!

Received this morning. Many thanks for the great service, looking forward to seeing my gluten/dairyfree girlfriend getting an Easter egg this year. Regards

Hello you lovlies, this is baaad – I have just bought one of your raw booster bars…bloody gorgeous awesome life giving nosh…congratulations on a superb product.
Penny in Penzance

Thank you for making such absolutely delicious chocolate treats. I’ve tried many a raw chocolate bar, only to be put off by the horrible waxy feel in my mouth, but you guys have cracked it! No problem staying away from unhealthy sugary chocolate bars now I’ve discovered your stuff.
Janette – a chocoholic!

I popped into Harvest in Bath today to pick up a few things and spotted your raw chocolate. I bought a selection and have to say that it’s the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted. An intensely chocolate flavour without milk and refined sugar, free of nasties. What could be better, such a treat.

I received your choc pies – thanks so much delighted with them. I’m on a no gluten, soya or dairy so it was a nice treat.

I have received my easter present to myself from myself – i.e. a box of 7 different bars of chocolate pie. I can now see why you call it the food of the gods, it is heavenly. The only problem is I can’t leave it alone.

Just wanted to thank you for the experience of your pink Himalayan salt pie – my friend shared some with me this evening – WONDERFUL!

Have just received my choc pie chunks after having stalked the postman since placing my first order! Well worth it, beautifully packed with love.. I was so excited to have a taste..one chunk down, the nut pie was amazing!

Just to say that having tried lots of different raw chocolate products, I can say with full confidence that your raw chocolate pies are some of the best on the market! They are so delicious that I have to ration myself from eating too many. Friendly helpful staff too.

I just wanted to let you know that I was absolutely enchanted by the raw chocolate. I have never tried anything like it. What a surprise for the taste buds. On top of that it is good for me!

I just wanted to say thank you. My order has arrived safely so I have the chocolate in time for the tour I am leaving on. I can honestly say having just had a small slice they are one of the best things I have ever tasted!

Just thought I’d let you know my chocolate arrived and they are absolutely delicious.

Oh my. I just found your chocolate. It is delicious. The most amazing chocolate I’ve tried.

Peppermint pie, peppermint pie,
Peppermint pie delights my eye!
Delights my taste and my digestion,
Now what else do I need to question?
Delights my sense of good proportion,
Sliced into seven, one day per portion,
Delights my purse (without extortion).
Peppermint pie, peppermint pie,
Peppermint pie delights my eye!
L of Norwich

Just to say I live in Brighton, have tasted loads of raw chocolate and yours is the best! Good price too. I'm going to spread the word, lots of raw choc is dry and heavy, yours is moist...aah, so good! I feel in heaven, thanks for making a lovely product x
Lucy of Brighton

I just wanted to say that for our family, your pies are the preferred chocolate treat, and I was happy to see that you also use organic ingredients to make them. Between your raw chocolate and Green & Blacks, there is no comparison. Thanks for the raw power.

OMG! Your choc pies are unbelievably good, delivery arrived yesterday and I've already munched my way through two bars! Can't wait to try the other flavours - and then order more so I can try them all. I can't believe something that tastes so good can actually be good for you too - brilliant!

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the delicious pies. I have been unable to eat dairy for the past two years and my friend recommended this website to me. I received my first order today and have eaten half the box! The pies are absolutely delicious, I haven't had anything like it in ages, is tastes so creamy and delicious. Thanks again!

Received my lst order in super quick time - thank you. Ordered Booster Strip and Raw Choc hamper. Tried one of the booster strip and YUM - one was definitely enough and I am looking forward to feeling energised in a week and cannot wait to try the Raw Choc Pies. Thank you for providing a product that enables you to have a choc treat with a clear conscience.

Once again my order has arrived well packed and in fast time. Beautiful products with good long use by dates which makes them a safe Christmas present. I can't wait to surprise a few friends and family with unique quality Raw Choc Pies.

Dear Lord……
That was, the most fantastical thing to have ever entered my mouth.
I am literally speechless and dribbling.
Love From a Very Happy Customer (AKA Hilly Webb )

I first tried your chocolate pies when a friend served them sliced as a desert after a very nice meal. She bought them fromher local deli I had never tasted anything like it absolutely divine Id gone straight to heaven

I bought a pack of 12 and 2 packs of 3 bars for my family to try as well and I sent some to my daughter who lives in France Everyone loved it except my son in law who said he would rather have a bar of cadburys milk chocolate my daughter his wife they live in UK said that he was uncouth

I'm really looking forward to my next delivery
Juliann Wright

Hi Debby, I just wanted to say thankyou very much for my recent order which I recieved yesterday. We have just tried our first bar from the selection I ordered, it was the xylipie nut. I can't tell you how delicious it was, I am a real lover of raw chocolate but even the husband and children ate this one...which is a real first! I am now so happy that I stumbled across your website whilst on Google and have found so many yummy treats which were sent out so quickly and packaged beautifully. Can't wait to place another order to try some of the other varieties. Many thanks for bringing your products into my life.

Just to let you know the package arrived safely today and I’m litterally in raw chocolate heaven!!! Thanks for a first class service and I’ll be ordering more as soon as I’ve devoured this delivery!

Your Raw Choc Pie, getting through an eight box at the moment, is the best chocolate out there.
You deserve all the success you can get!
Thanks for making us happy!